Usage Reporting

When enabled, Kubeflow will report anonymous usage data using spartakus, Kubernetes’ reporting tool. Spartakus does not report any personal information. See here for more detail. This is entirely voluntary and you can opt

# Delete any existing deployments of spartakus
kubectl delete -n ${NAMESPACE} deploy spartakus-volunteer

To disable usage reporting you need to delete spartakus component. This command completely deletes any spartakus deployment, while the above command only restarts spartakus with reportUsage set to false

kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} delete deploy -l app=spartakus

Reporting usage data is one of the most significant contributions you can make to Kubeflow; so please consider turning it on. This data allows us to improve the project and helps the many companies working on Kubeflow justify continued investment.

You can improve the quality of the data by giving each Kubeflow deployment a unique id by editing spartakus.yaml in your KF_APP directory:

apiVersion: v1
  usageId: "your usage id"
kind: ConfigMap
    kustomize.component: spartakus
  name: spartakus-parameters
  namespace: kubeflow

Then deploy your changes:

kubectl apply -f spartakus.yaml`