Upgrading a Kubeflow Deployment

Upgrading your deployment to a later version of Kubeflow

Until version 1.0, Kubeflow makes no promises of backwards compatibility or upgradeability. There is no clean upgrade path to the latest version of Kubeflow (v0.7.0).

Nonetheless, here are some instructions for updating your deployment:

  1. Check your Kubeflow configuration directory (${KF_DIR}) into source control as a backup.

  2. Delete your existing Kubeflow cluster:

    export CONFIG_FILE=<the path to your Kubeflow config file>
    kfctl delete -V -f ${CONFIG_FILE}

    The ${CONFIG_FILE} environment variable must contain the path to the Kubeflow configuration file in your ${KF_DIR} directory. For example, ${KF_DIR}/kfctl_k8s_istio.0.7.0.yaml or ${KF_DIR}/kfctl_existing_arrikto.yaml

  3. Download the kfctl v0.7.0 release from the Kubeflow releases page.

  4. Unpack the tar ball:

    tar -xvf kfctl_<release tag>_<platform>.tar.gz
  5. Update your kustomize manifests:

    kfctl build -V -f ${CONFIG_FILE}
  6. Re-apply any customizations that you need.

  7. Update the deployment:

     kfctl apply -V -f ${CONFIG_FILE}

Upgrading Kubeflow Pipelines

See the Kubeflow Pipelines upgrade guide.